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“I’m not going to let a little thing like the world stand in my way. Why should I? I understand it as much as I understand penguins and I still go to the zoo.” -Matthew Dickman.
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A list of A+ insults


if u R ever in an argument use these insults and u will make the other person cry bc there R so good

  • half eaten sandwich
  • useless fungal infection
  • literal turd burger
  • Netflix® buffer
  • 2003 fergie
  • 5th president James Monroe
  • half chewed pencil
  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • absolute white crayon
  • quiet meme thief
  • TI-84 plus Silver Edition™ Calculator by Texas Instruments®
  • diarrhea apocalypse

it’s nice that you have to point out everything that’s wrong with anything anyone does all the time it really makes me feel comfortable being around you.

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When We Fall In

Sean Hayes

Run Wolves Run

Sticking with a theme. Second best song on this album after the popular Powerful Stuff featured in a few commercials. A classic love song wrapped up in the bristly-throaty vocals of Sean Hayes. Although this album came out in late 2010, he is still touring in support of the album, including a few shows in September.

  • Track: When We Fall In
  • Artist: Sean Hayes
  • Album: Run Wolves Run
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